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You have been chosen to be the Voiid Cube guardian. Please proceed with caution as the fate of the Voiid depends on you.

Controls :

  • Use WASD or the arrow Key to move, and your mouse to look around. 
  • Use Spacebar or Right Mouse Button (RMB) to Jump. 
  • Use Left Mouse Button (LMB) to grab the cube, and RMB to throw the cube.

Tips :

  • The Voiid Cube slowly lose life when you are not holding it, so try to stay as much as possible with it.
  • The Voiid Cube has strange power and you won't be able to jump when holding it and move slower.
  • Take some time to look around if you are stuck, there are several path to each room.

Design, code, art : Saltadrow. Made in 3 days for Ludum Dare 46. Theme : Keep it Alive.


VoiidCubeBuild1.2.zip 23 MB

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